One of the things I hear from clients all the time is how can I spend less time on social media. Whilst Social media can be great for small businesses, it can also become a real tie, and become overwhelming trying to be everywhere.

I would always advise clients not to be on all platforms to start with, just pick 1 or 2 maximum and pick the ones your ideal client are on the most. Get that working before going on to more platforms Here are a 5 ways you can save time with your social:

1.Create a social media calendar

By creating a calendar and putting all the important holidays, events, important dates to your niche, product launch dates and seasonal events in up front, you can build your content around that.

2.Use a social media scheduling tool for posting

Posting to different platforms individually a post at a time is time-consuming. You can post the same content to different platforms but it takes so long.

You can save a lot of time by automating the process using tools such as: Buffer Hootsuite & Postplanner. However, Facebook you should schedule direct inside of Facebook as they are not keen on 3rd party apps

3.Limit your time searching for content

Rather than spending hours searching for content inspiration, be strict with yourself and set a timer for say 30 minutes.

Spend 5 minutes on each platform opening articles Spend 10 minutes on blogs. Sign up for google news alerts for keywords that are important to your business and have them delivered direct to your inbox to review every day or use feedly app so you only have to check one place.

Use Buzz Sumo to see what is being shared and get inspired.

What often happens is we go onto Facebook for example and get caught in the scroll, before we know what has happened an hour has passed and we haven’t achieved anything.

4.Limit reporting to once a week

It’s so tempting to keep checking for notifications and checking the reach and engagement of your posts daily (or even several times a day!!)

This is a waste of time, once a week run a report and compare your key figures against the previous week to see what’s working. Also, consider having set times of day you check for notifications & messages (say morning, lunch and evening)

5.Batch similar tasks together

It can save a lot of time when you are working on something to carry on doing more of that (your brain doesn’t have to keep switching from one type of thing to another)

Great tasks for batching are for example: Searching for stock photos, creating memes or social media graphics and writing the copy for your posts

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