Are you tired of struggling with putting posts out with your product or service and nobody buys?

If this sounds like you keep reading or watch the video below

Here are the 7 biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making that are losing them sales


You haven’t been clear enough as to what the benefits or outcome of your product or service is.


Buyers won’t buy the product or service, they are buying the outcome. So what transformation are you giving them with it? Where are you taking them from and to?


Not clear on who the ideal client for your product service is

Again, I see this a lot that people try and be too generic with their products and services. You ask them who this is for, and they say, well, anyone really, and that may be true, but whilst this is true, if you try to market to everybody and speak to everybody, you speak to no one. So be really super clear on who your product or service is actually aimed for.


You haven’t researched with your audience to ask what they actually need or want

A lot of people will go down the route of creating something because they want to create it, and that’s a big mistake. So instead of that find out from your audience what they actually need, and one Research them. If you haven’t got your own group, then consider going into other Facebook groups and asking people to just answer a few questions. So you really understand what their struggles are and what they actually need from you.


You have too many services or products and it’s caused your buyer to be confused

So the reason this is a mistake is if you offer too many things, your client is just going to simply become overwhelmed and overwhelmed by it never buys. So trying to streamline and try not to offer all of the things for all of the people. Make sure it’s clear who it’s for, and what they’re going to get from it and just offer them a few options, not hundreds of options.


Lack of awareness

So They simply haven’t heard enough about it or you need to be more visible. So don’t just post and expect from one post that everybody is going to jump onto this thing. You actually need several touchpoints with potential buyers. And it’s easier if they’re a warm audience to start with, because they will already have the know like and trust and the know like and trust needs to be earned. So you need to make sure that you put offers out there not once, not twice, but several times in several different ways, and make sure they are clear on those benefits and where you’re going to take them from and to


They don’t trust you yet. Trust has to be earnt

Emphasis here on “yet” know like & trust needs to be earned, and you can do this in several ways. You can do this through your social media channels, you can do this by maybe having a call with people, you can do this. From your email list, you can nurture people on there and give and serve good information, and the know like and trust will follow. But you cannot sell to a cold audience that doesn’t already know, like or trust you.


You didn’t follow up

So did you have somebody that said they were interested in your product or your service, and did you follow up with them? It seems to be that we’re quite hesitant at times or we lead such busy lives. But if somebody says that they’re interested and you are going to send them more information, or you need to take that next step, then do follow up with them? Because they might just need a little more information. Or to have a chat with you to see what it’s all about.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and if you’d like to go deeper with this and you feel like you need some help with getting all of these pieces working together, then why not book a free Business Breakthrough call with me and I will drop the link below.



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