Are you putting offers, products courses and programs out there but hearing crickets?

We’ve all been there. You put a post on Facebook with an offer, and either hear nothing or when you contact your audience you get a no. Perhaps you have emailed your list and heard nothing back. So here’s 7 reasons why your prospects are saying no.


Your audience isn’t right

So you need to know your ideal client and your niche inside out. So it could be that you’re putting something out there, but they’re not the right people. So take a look at all your audience that you’re putting this to whether they are actually your ideal client or not, and if not, your message and your offers might need to be adapted.


Your product might not be right

So you need to make sure there’s a market for the product that you’re creating. And what a lot of people do is they want to produce something. And so they just put something out there for the sake of it, and they don’t actually ask the audience what they need and what they want. So it’s completely misaligned with what they do want. So do your research. Make sure you ask your audience what they do. Too many people are just creating a course first without actually asking their audience ask them what they want. Also ask them what format works best for them as well. Because you might assume that video training is the best, but actually they might find it easier to learn from reading rather than listening.


Your prospect might not be ready to buy yet


So there’s two aspects to this really. So different personalities, they take different amounts of time to decide and they also take different amounts of information. So you might find that one person really needs very little information at all. You might give them a quick summary with a couple of bullets and there. I mean whereas you might find a different personality, might need a lot of intricate detail about the course or program or whatever it is you’re offering, ad they might need to know all the ins and outs and they might need to go back and forth a few times. So just be aware that the people buy in different ways. So that’s the first, the first point. Some need lots of information, some don’t. They also might not feel ready or good enough at the right stage to the right stage perhaps to do this.

So some offers that you might put out, programs, courses, you might require them to be at a certain level, others you might not. Your job really is to just reassure them and make sure that if that’s not relevant, if they don’t need to be in a certain point in business or a lot personal life, then really it’s for you to reassure them.


The time wasn’t right


Perhaps you didn’t qualify the prospect before you started speaking to them. They might’ve already invested in something similar or the time just might not be right at all. For whatever reason, perhaps even personal reasons, they might just had to paid out for something else. So that’s another reason that your prospects might say no.


You are talking about the features rather than benefits/transformation


Now I see this an awful lot and people are putting offers for courses or coaching or whatever it may be out there and they’re talking about yet when you get this and you get this and I’m going to use this particular thing, and they’re talking about the features of it. Instead talking about the features, talk about the benefit, what your client will want to see is what the transformation is. So talk about the transformation. Sell the end result because that’s what they’re interested in. Probably not the intricacies of what’s actually included in the program/course and how you’re going to get them there or what tools you’re going to use.


You are over complicating it with the next steps


A confused buyer never buys. That’s the first point. Make it as simple as possible for them. So are you putting too many calls to actions in your posts or your videos? You don’t want to be saying to them, go to this website or book a call or do that. You don’t want to be giving them too many things to do. If there’s too many actions, too many calls, tractions then they’re not going to, they’re not going to know. So do make sure that the call to action and what the next step is, is super, super clear for them. Make your call to action, book a call, visit the website, visit this page, whatever the call to action is, whatever that next step is. PM me but not all of these!


They might already be working with somebody


But again, you must qualify your prospects as you’re speaking to them. So if you’re not talking to them and asking you, you’re not going to know whether they’re already working with somebody. So kind of does go with the timing thing, but the timing one was a bit broader. So there could be other reasons for that.


Let me know below, which of these do you think could be the reason your customers are saying no? What can you do about that?

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