Planning is such an essential part of business and why not make it even more enjoyable with a beautiful planner. My current favourite planner is The Happy Planner also available in several online retailers

The reason I love this planner so much is you can customise it, add blank paper, print pages and add them in, you can change the covers and lots more. You can also buy a host of accessories to go with it from stickers, bookmarks, and inserts.


Water bottle for her desk

It is so important to stay hydrated but sometimes we get engrossed and forget to drink enough so a bottle is a better way having to keep refilling a glass.

I love this one on Amazon HERE that has motivational quotes on and targets for how much to drink in time periods


A lot of us love stationery of all sort and any excuse to buy new notepads, pens, etc. Why not buy a notepad or beautiful pen

The lovely Sarah at Got2jot has some beautiful stationery like this “Fabulous” notepad HERE


Quirky tshirts

As an entrepreneur we no longer have to wear the corporate work wear so it can make decisions on what to wear harder in some ways. Why not buy her something like these t-shirts especially designed for female entrepreneurs

Headspace app

Relaxation and mindfulness are really important so why not buy the gift of mediatation to her her unwind and relax



We all love an inspirational quote and no better time to read one than whilst drinking our morning coffee/tea

I love this one HERE

And this problem solving mug (if only life were so simple) HERE

Business card holder

When you are attending face to face networking events it is useful to carry business cards but you don’t want to necessarily take the whole box. This neat holder looks professional and smart HERE

I hope that has been useful in giving you some inspiration. If you would like to share you can use the image below



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