Your money mindset is an important piece of running a business, no matter how tight your marketing plan is, without the right mindset it’s no use to you. Our beliefs are developed over many years from those closest to us, did you grow up hearing things like “money doesn’t grow on trees”?

Here’s 8 ways to transform your mindset around money:

Watch your language: what phrases do you find yourself saying on a daily basis? I’m broke, that’s expensive, I can’t afford that? If so you may have a negative money mindset. Try to use instead positive phrases around money

Gratitude: To get out of scarcity habit you need to appreciate what you have. Start showing gratitude for what you do have. You can do this either in a journal and write down things you are grateful for or there are apps out there such as gratitude garden where you get points for every 3 things you list each day and get to add things to your garden on the app

Get a mantra: a phrase you can use every day. One I use when buying something is “there’s plenty more where that came from” You can also try ones like Money flows to me easily & effortlessly, or have a go at making your own up.

Get aware of your money story: what beliefs do you have around money? Do you think you have to work really hard to get money? Maybe you grew up being told people that have money are ruthless or mean? Or perhaps you were told constantly “what do you think we are made of money?” Really look into these beliefs, establish where they came from and are they true. Write down as many reasons as you can why they are not true

Read books about money: Think and grow rich, the science of getting rich, how to solve all your money problems forever (Victor Boc) rich dad poor dad. My favourite is Victor Boc but also the science of getting rich which is available to listen on youtube

Meditate: try Abraham hicks financial abundance meditation

Or money mindset affirmations such as this one

Spread the wealth: it might seem counteractive giving money away but it doesn’t have to be on a big scale. Try treating a friend to coffee or an exercise Victor Boc suggests giving money away. You can leave 5 bags with just a £1 in somewhere to be found and a note such as “have this £1 on me” or similar. You don’t stick around to see who finds it but it gives you a great feeling knowing someone will find the money

Get conscious around money: Many people just bury their head and ignore money and have no clue what is coming in or going out. What you focus on becomes more so start looking at what you have coming in and what goes out so you start to feel more comfortable with money

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