Why should I use a facebook business page?can’t I just use my own profile on Facebook to promote?

This is a question I get asked a lot. The first point to mention is you actually need a personal profile on Facebook in order to create a business page.

There are many benefits to using a business page over your personal profile but here are 9 benefits


  1. Facebook does not want you running a business through your personal profile their terms and conditions do not allow this and you could have your profile removed!


  1. You have access to advertising – even if not for now you may want to do this on a small scale later and this means you are able to pinpoint and target exactly who you want to


  1. You can drive traffic to your website, lead magnet or group using the buttons feature on your page (you can’t do that from a personal profile!)


  1. Only you can manage your personal profile but a business page you can assign roles such as admin, moderator etc, handy for when you start growing your team


  1. You can use facebook’s native scheduler to save time. Sometimes you might not want to post every day. What’s the alternative? You could use a 3rd party tool such as hootsuite or buffer but even easier and with a better reach is the ability to schedule in Facebook itself meaning you can batch it altogether saving time


  1. You have insights. Personal profiles do not allow this. By accessing your insights this allows you to see what is working or not. You get information about posts and how they perform, your audience (demographics & when they are online) As well as engagement and lots of other important information


  1. You can add a shop to your page. When you create a business page you have the ability to add a shop to it and can put products and services up for sale. You can then tag those products in post you do so if someone likes your post and wants to buy they can do so by clicking on that tag


  1. Facebook business pages are indexed which improves your chances of being found on google. That also applies to your content too


  1. You can boost your posts, if you want to get a bigger reach. When you boost you will have an option whether you want to boost it to those that like your page & their friends or you can target who you want to boost it to. This is particularly useful if it is say a lead magnet that would perhaps have the added benefit of boosting your email list too. I would not suggest you boost every post though.


So there we have it, 9 benefits to using a Facebook business page rather than your profile. can you think of any other benefits? If so let me know below

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