Ok not everything you do in your business can be done in 15 minutes but here’s just a few ideas for you for when you have spare 15 minutes.


You might think why bother it’s only 10 or 15 minutes but these little tasks can fit in really nicely between other things and can make all the difference. Imagine you had 4 of these 15 minute tasks each day that’s an hour a day and 5 hours a week!


Be prepared

You should always be working from your plan for 90 days, 30 days, weekly and daily. However in addition to the big tasks you are working on keep a master list of little tasks that can be slotted in as and when. My favourite tool is ToDoist you can sign up for a free account HERE


Map out a blog post structure

What is unlikely you can write a whole blog post in 15 minutes you can certainly flesh out the structure of it (beginning middle and end) This will mean you have a head start when you actually go to write it.


Create and send invoices

Although this is usually a task I would batch if you do have just a few minutes then getting this out the way can be a great quick win.


Decide on the first thing to tackle tomorrow morning

This is a perfect task to finish off the day and will save you no end of time I just spending a few minutes working out what needs to be done as a priority in the morning


Connect with 5 new people on social media

This is a great 15 minute task to do. whether you going to a Facebook group where your ideal client hangs out or look at the suggested friends on Facebook and see if they are relevant. You should always be looking to connect with more people.


Check out google analytics

You should be checking your Google analytics regularly anyway however using just 15 minutes to pop in and evaluate what’s working in your business is a great use of time. checkout what social media platforms are driving traffic to your website (go to Acquisitions – All Traffic – Referrals)


Look at your social media insights

All social media platforms have insights so when do you have 15 minutes spare take the chance to look at what posts are working really well for you. Is a particular piece of content doing really well for you? you can then either create more of the same or think about tweaking and re-purposing post that worked really well coming at it from a different angle.


Check your numbers

This is an ideal task to do at the end of each month. Look at how many new followers/likes you’ve got and set yourself goals for the following month.


Send a message

When you’ve got just a few minutes to spare why not reach out to a new contact, maybe someone on social media or a networking connection.


So there’s 9 quick ways to grow your business when you only have 15 minutes to spare. Let me know which of these will you try?


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