Are you publishing your blogs but hearing crickets? want more ways to get eyes on your blogs? Well read on as I have 9 simple ways you can make that post more visible

1.Email list

If you have an email list as well as other regular emails you might send you can promote your blog post. This can be something your list might look forward to once you get into the swing of writing them regularly. Don’t just send it the once though. Do you check your report to see how many opened? Do a campaign to those that didn’t open it the first time around to increase the reach of your email and blog post


2.Social media posts

Two ways you can promote as post on social media are: Social media post with either part of the blog post then send them to a link to read more (make sure you put this in the comments on Facebook as having the link in the post itself restricts the reach)

Secondly, if you have a blog post with bullet points or tips, you could split this into 7 different post for social media. You can then make reference to the original post too


3.Include your blog link on social media profiles.
You can add it to descriptions of a Facebook profile or your Facebook group. Also add to Instagram, twitter bios.


4.Pin it to the top of your social media
Both twitter and Facebook have the ability to pin a post to the top. Once you have posted it in the normal way, go back to it and pin it to the top. Anyone who then visits your profile will see this first


5.Use your blogs to answer questions

Use your blog posts to answer questions in Facebook groups or places like Reddit or Quora. In Facebook groups you can search for your keywords using the search bar in the group and find relevant posts where you can answer their struggles, questions etc with your posts


6.Make it easy for others to share by adding a share button to your blog post

If someone reads your post and wants to share it with their fans, make it really easy for them by adding something like WordPress plugin Monarch Plugin for social sharing. This will put a bar up with all the social platforms and they just click and add their own words to share their post


7.Consider using numbers in your headlines

For example the headline of this post “9 simple ways to skyrocket blog posts“ or 5 ways to get more engagement on xxx. Using odd numbers is proven to get more click throughs so try them and see what difference it makes


8.Email signature

There are many email signature tools out there. 2 of my favourite are Wisestamp and Hubspot signature generator. As well as the usual contact information why not add a link to a really popular blog post so every email that goes out the recipients can just click through


9.Create a video from your blog post
Lumen 5 is a fabulous free tool to quickly make a summary video of your blog post. This works really well with lists like “5 ways to” or “top 9 apps“ or bulleted blog posts. When you share the video you can also share the original link for the blog post too


So there you have it. 9 simple ways to skyrocket blog posts. Let me know which methods you are going to try.


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