With social media changing on a weekly basis it can be harder than ever to get engagement on your posts

It is worth taking time writing your posts and in this post I will share with you 9 ways you can get the best results


  1. Always remember the 80/20 rule when posting. 80% should be educating, engaging, etc and 20% promotional. Many businesses get this wrong and post a lot about themselves


  1. Before you start, think about the purpose of the post. Why are you writing it, to engage, to educate, to inspire? promote? Or something else? All content should have a goal & a purpose to it


  1. Generally, slightly shorter posts can work better an usually as a result get more engagement. People are often browsing quickly on social media and don’t have time for war and peace! Try mixing it up a little and seeing what works well for you


  1. If you do write longer posts, then try to format it a little like a blog post. Have a title, use spacing, punctuation whatever you can. Positive sentiments work well so try adding the odd exclamation mark to your posts


  1. Use emojis in your posts. This breaks it up plus gives a bit of colour, makes the post stand out, and also add a little fun to what you are talking about. Emojis also help emphasise the message and sometimes can convey the message better than words ever can. www.getemoji.com is also a great resource to pick up emojis and shapes, arrows etc which can all make the text easier to read


  1. Use bullet points & line breaks within the post. This helps break up the text which makes it much easier for the reader to read the post than if it is just a block of text.


  1. Consider using a tool like Grammarly. I love this as I can use it everywhere, from email, blog posts and social media posts. There’s nothing worse than pressing publish then finding a spelling or grammar error in it!


  1. Don’t forget a call to action (CTA) what do you want your audience to do. For example, book a call, sign up, send me a DM, visit the website, buy now, etc.


  1. Don’t be afraid to use storytelling in your posts. This helps the reader connect with you, and can help develop the know, like and trust with you


Let me know below which of these steps you will take.

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