Are you…


Having to constantly hustle to get new clients

but can’t figure out how to attract them and not sure what to try next?


So stressed and overwhelmed with "putting together all the pieces" of your online business

that self-doubt is starting to creep in and you are seriously considering giving up on it entirely before you even started


Have no consistent income

and think you may have to get a job to cover the bills or even thinking of quitting


You are signing up for every free webinar, e-book, and cheat sheet you can get your hands

but nothing is changing and you’re more confused than ever!

I hear YOU I know where you’re at and how you feeling and let me tell you this: you are not alone in this feeling!

Now, I want you to instead,imagine this:



You’re crystal clear on who your ideal clients are and exactly how you can help them


You have clarity in your message and the words resonate with your ideal clients


You’re putting yourself in front of your dream clients


You’re attracting the RIGHT people – no more time wasters/tyre kickers


You have consistent income coming in every month


You confidently charging what you’re worth


You have confidence in your abilities and a clear action plan to move forwards


You have more time to spend with family & friends and do the things you love!

What is included in Business Bootcamp ?

Get clear on your values

By making sure the values & beliefs are in line with your end goal, it ensures you stay on track and it is the goal you really want (not what you think it should be)

  • You spend your days doing things you love which keeps you motivated. Your life has purpose & meaning
  • It will help you make decisions and increase your confidence.
  • Understand what is important to you so you can prioritise your actions.

SWOT analysis

Analyse your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats to your business

  • Provides you with clarity on what your strengths are (the points you should be pushing) your weaknesses (areas you could improve on) and opportunities (additional things you could be offering)
  • Identify areas to improve on and optimise your strengths in your messaging
  • so your ideal clients see why you are unique or add value

Optimise your Social media

  • Get clear which platforms your audience are on and don’t waste time on the wrong ones.
  • Save time & money by speaking to the right people and your message resonates with them

Systems, and processes

  • Prioritise and working on those tasks that affect your business so that you make progress towards your end goal.
  • You can work smarter – not harder! This means you have more time to do the things you love and spend more time with friends & family
  • Save time by working more productively and not miss certain steps by having systems in place.

Technology and tools

  • Save you time & money by using certain tools to work smarter nor harder!
  • Giving you more time to focus on your area of expertise
  • Spend more time with friends & family, travel & do the things you love

Clarity on your ideal client

  • Find out who your ideal client is and how you help solve their pain points
  • Save time & money by putting yourself in front of the right audience that are interested in buying your product/service.
  • Your audience will relate to your message and know that you can help them,
  • more clients & consistent income

Clear any mindset blocks

  • Together, we will uncover the beliefs holding you back and learn to let them go
  • Create the right beliefs & get out of your own way with achieving your goals
  • Confidently charge your worth and attract more money & clients

Start building a list

  • You will have a ready-made audience that are willing to hear from you, and therefore more likely to buy.
  • You will own this (unlike social media platforms that could disappear any day)
  • Its permission based so the people that have signed up want to hear from you which gives you authority.
  • Your audience is more likely to see your message (unlike social which often it’s easy to miss things in a sea of information) It allows you to stay top of mind and more opportunities for sales.

Craft your irresistible offer

That has your potential clients nodding their head in agreement as they read it

  • By being clear on what your offering is and how it helps your ideal client
  • Your ideal client is more likely to buy from you (it makes it easier for them to see why they should)
  • You are putting offers out there that people actually want to pay for

Create an action plan so you know what you will do to achieve your goals

By having a plan it enables you to break down how you can achieve your goals. It will give you clear actions so you know what the next step is.

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