Do you want to use blogging to grow your small business?


Small business blogging is a great marketing tool. You can drive more traffic to your website, it increases your visibility and attracts your ideal client. Anyone can do it, but many small business owners struggle due to thinking they don’t have time, or struggle with what they would write about.

When you update a blog regularly it helps SEO becuase you are refreshing your website content and it also gives you something to share on your social media platforms. Many business owners fail because they give up too early or don’t have an objective with their blog posts.

So how do you go about small business blogging? I have 7 steps for writing awesome blog posts that you audience will love to read


Blog posts ideas


Content is all around us so be on the lookout. You might get an email, something in the mail, a pinterest board or see another blog that sparks a different idea, so it’s a good idea to create a swipe file. I use Evernote and have a whole notebook dedicated to it. If it was an email that sparked an idea I forward it to Evernote, if I see something on social media I take a screenshot to keep for inspiration.

Great places to look are quora, reddit, buzzsumo and one of my favourites postplanner. Think about what topics would be SEO friendly. You can use answer the public for greater ideas of what people are searching for.


Outline the blog post


What will the end result of your post be? So for this post, I wanted my reader to understand how they could work through the steps easily to writing a blog post.

Brain dump all the things you want the reader to know before you start. Look at what you do know already and what you need to research.


Structure it


Neil Patel’s advice here

suggests using a hook (way of grabbing the reader’s attention) Transition (leading them into a sentence that connects) and a thesis summarising the main points of your post.


Write your first draft quickly


Set a timer and just write as much as you can. Parkinson’s law suggests that work expands to fit the time. So believe me, if you give yourself ½ a day to do it, then it will take that long! Don’t worry about perfection at this point just get something written down.


Make your blog post easy to read

Your audience won’t read your post if it’s too long, so try to keep your paragraphs short. 5-6 lines is usually enough before it becomes difficult to read


Use Grammerly


Bad grammar and spelling mistakes can be avoided by using one of my favourite tools called Grammarly. It can correct the spelling and grammar for you to ensure a good read.


Optimise for SEO

You should already know what your keywords are for your business, but if you haven’t already done this then use google keywords or or even just search on google to see suggestions.

Here’s some more tips:

  • Use your keyword in your blog title
  • Optimise your headings. Make sure the keyword appears in it Use your keyword on your images (call the image keyword.jpg for example) and also add alt text.
  • Link your new posts to old post where you can. This means people will stay on your website longe


One extra tip. Try to keep your blog converesational. Use “you” and “I” throughout it this ensures the reader sees it as a conversation rather than a lecture


Blogging when carefully planned and with clear objectives in mind can be a great. If you found this useful, why not check out my post 9 simple ways to skyrocket your blog posts HERE

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